Denim Fabrics Embroidery Design Transfer Tool: Iron-On Pellon

Denim Fabrics Embroidery Design Transfer Tool: Iron-On Pellon

Denim Fabrics Design Transfer Tool: Iron-On Pellon

This post about using denim fabrics design transfer tool: iron-on pellon is one to inspire and get your creativity juices flowing. I will not be posting a tutorial but I will give you some links so you can create a purse like I did or other projects that can be adapted with denim fabrics embroidery designs using transfer tool: iron-on pellon. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this project.

Denim Fabrics are my favorite to use because they are so versatile but trying to transfer an embroidery design on it is sometimes impossible to see. I watched YouTube video and searched the internet to find a reliable tool to transfer a design on denim that could be seen clearly enough to embroidery. No one seemed to have a great idea.

One day looking through my sewing closet I picked up some light weight iron-on fusible pellon and had an Ahh Ha moment. I took the design I wanted to iron-on a piece of denim, heated up my iron and with in seconds my solution was found. Not only was the design easy to see but it was attached to my fabric to easily embroidery it in place.
Interfacing is the perfect tool to transfer embroidery designs on denim.

The question was if this was a valuable solution and if the embroidery thread would cover the interfacing. The answer was yes!
I cut around my transfer iron on embroidery pattern along with my iron on facing and laid them aside. I then took my purse flap that I was going to embroidery and ironed it flat. I laid my iron on pellon on top of the purse flap where I wanted the design to go and put the iron on design face down on the pellon and followed the manufacturers directions for applying the design. I made sure the design was clearly visible before removing it from the pellon and that the pellon was attached to the purse flap.

Denim Fabrics Embroidery Design Transfer Tool: Iron-On Pellon

To create an embroidery design you will need:

  • Fusible Featherweight Pellon large enough for your transfer pattern * I did use freehand drawing to complete some buds and vines because I would have not been able to hide the pellon because the designs were tiny.
  • iron
  • Needle
  • Hoop
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery Floss colors of your choice
  • Knowledge of embroidery stitches. If you are a newbie then this is a good reference site to learn embroidery stitches.
  • Iron On Transfer of your choice – I used Aunt Martha’s
    #3923 Large Larkspur, Hibiscus, Iris, & Pansy
    Denim or heavy dark fabric.
  • Here is the information you will need to make the purse.
    Purse Project:

  • Purse Pattern from Amy Friend’s blog, During Quiet Time
  • Amy Friend’s original pattern has a Dresden quilt design for the flap which I have made several times. I have also made an inside pocket which was easy to add. For this denim purse I just traced one of my Dresden flap covers and embroidered on it instead of making it a quilt block.
    Here is my first purse made with her pattern:
    Dresden purse from During Quiet Time

    Denim fabrics embroidery design transfer tool: iron-on pellon makes it so easy to embroidery favorite designs on denim or dark fabric. My creative juices are flowing and I can think of so many things I want to create with embroidery design transfers on dark fabric.