Grace Hodgin is a clay sculptor and creativity creator living at the edge of the Ocala National Forest. Creativity makes the world go round in Grace’s eyes and she chants her mantra of “What If?” as she explores all types of crafts and art mediums.

She is a non believer that uncreative people exist and insists that those that believe they are not creative only suffer from lack of confidence in trusting their inner artist.
Grace designs macramé jewelry, fantasy clay figures and anything and else she believes the world is lacking.

Grace also is a nature enthusiast and an alleged guardian to animals and trees who reside in her neck of the forest. She believes that being responsible and caring for the Earth is one of the most important privileges we are given.

Grace is the wife of a master potter, mother of two incredibly creative children and grandmother to magical grandchildren that can make smiles appear on anyone’s face.

Grace Hodgin loves getting e-mails from her readers while she drinks her morning coffee that turns into her afternoon coffee, and dessert coffee after supper. She encourages her readers to contact her with questions about projects she posts and to feel free to share their creations on her facebook page. She is a lover of communities and feels the best communities are built with patience understanding and tolerance for all. Her favorite saying is “Be Kind To Your Fine Feathered Friends, For a Duck May Be Somebody’s Mother!” and she doesn’t just apply that to birds but all species of life. Grace Hodgin approaches life with gratitude and joy and feels when you follow those guidelines there is no area for greed, jealousy or ill will to cloud one’s thoughts.

Grace has written magazine articles on raising creative children and several guides for eBay. She is well-known for tips and techniques on ‘How To Stuff The Perfect;Stocking’ which appears on eBay and other publications.


Grace loves to create ‘Birthday Stockings’ for friends and family members because why should stockings happen just once a year for the Christmas holiday?