How To Create An Exciting Stocking: Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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I’ve been stuffing stockings for over 40+ years now and I have a technique that I share with all those that want to know my secret.
First, you must think of yourself as an artist and the stocking will be your masterpiece.
This stocking must draw attention to itself and create an emotion of awe and excitement.

There are three sections to a stocking so stuff it correctly.
Stocking Stuffing Gift Guide
The Toe and Heel

First to be stuffed and last to be discovered. This area is perfect for small items. In reality it is the most important part of the stocking!
The items here must prevent the emotions of sadness when the last item is found and instead create the emotion of excitement. The treasures placed here must be things the gift recipient will want to use, play or test out first. Small items like jewelry, tiny figures or the key to a new car go in the toe and heel of a stocking!

Middle Section of Stocking

This section of the stocking allows you to nurture creativity and inspire the imagination.
Things like hobby kits, art supplies, comic books, color books, small magic tricks and metal brain teaser puzzles. all go in this section. These items will carry the beneficiary through the holiday season keeping them active, learning and reading.

Top of Stocking

The top of the stocking often is the beacon of hope that there are still gifts to unwrap if the stocking is not seen until all of the gifts are unwrapped from under the tree.
If it attracts the attention of the inheritor of the stocking before opening the gifts under the tree then you have done a very good job.
Items in the top of the stocking need to be wrapped. There are always those who sneaks out in order to discover what waits for them. Gift wrapping the top layer guards against this and spoils their plans and also works as a barrier against seeing the contents below.
Only a couple of things such as a plush toy and traditional candy canes should be visible. One of the important jobs for the gifts in the top section is to lure the gift recipient over with suspense and excitement. First impressions count heavily at the top of the stocking.

Here are a few of my stocking from last year.
Stocking filled